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Phonejoy Gamepad 2 is a Bluetooth™ game controller for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Phonejoy Gamepad 2 gives maximum gaming experience and comfort due to its unique and patented expandable EasySlider™ mechanism


Precision controls

Take maximum control over your games with two analog joysticks, action buttons, shoulder buttons, D-pad and free your screen of touch controls

Comfortable play

Easy grip, ergonomic design and material quality provide maximum comfort and premium feel during extended gaming sessions

Always with you

Phonejoy Gamepad 2 will easily fit your jeans pocket

Key features

Android 4.0+/iOS

Phonejoy Gamepad 2 is compatible with every modern smartphone and tablet on Android 4.0+ and iPhone/iPad in iCade Mode

Up to 155 mm

EasySlider™ expandable mechanism enables easy and secure grip over any modern smartphone up to 155 mm long including such big guys like Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Google Nexus 5 and OnePlus Two


Phonejoy Gamepad 2 is powered by its own high capacity battery, enabling at least 14 hours of effective gameplay. It takes 90 minutes to fully recharge the battery

Play on bigger screen

With Phonejoy Gamepad 2 in hands you can connect your smartphone or tablet to your TV via MHL and enjoy your games on a big screen. You can also connect Phonejoy Gamepad to your Windows PC and play your favorite PC games

Companion App

Free companion application Phonejoy App on Android and iOS enables easy Phonejoy Gamepad 2 set up and comfortable search of new compatible games


200 + games

Phonejoy Gamepad 2 is compatible with hundreds of great games in different genres: racing, sports, FPS, RPG! Enjoy Android blockbusters: FIFA16 Ultimate Team, Grand Theft Auto(GTA), Real Racing 3, Dead Trigger 2, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Virtua Tennis Challenge, Unkilled, Modern Combat 5, Dungeon Hunter V and many others.

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    Customer reviews

    • “I’d love to do more gaming on my iPhone or Android handsets but I still long for physical controls despite years of having gotten used to touch. Phonejoy’s new controller is a blend of both those worlds”.

      Darrel Etherington

    • “@Phonejoy I love my Phonejoy!!! Retro and new games! Now playing”!

      Andy Samp Twitter

    • “The latest accessory from Phonejoy takes everything great about their previous wireless gamepad for Android and combines it with a simple, intuitive mounting system to create a handheld console experience using any smartphone”.

      Kevin Krause

    • “@Phonejoy Just received the Phonejoy. Absolutely perfect controls, and fits flawlessly on Note 3 with DILEX Case from Seidio. Awesome”!

      Samuel Leclerc Twitter

    • “I’m thankful that Phonejoy has succeeded in their awesome product, as it is the BEST of it’s kind. Phonejoy makes one of the best products of it’s kind, and one of BEST in customer service”.

      Matthew JT Castillo Facebook

    • “I really enjoy having Phonejoy. It works great and takes my mobile gaming to a different level”.

      Antonio Lanigan

    • “Best smartphone controller for games. Mounts nicely and makes it look like a portable game console. Well built and design is very outstanding”.

      Simon Matthew Bunyi

    • “@Phonejoy heheh, everytime i Pull my Phonejoy out to use it with my nook HD+ everyone around is floored at how awesome it is”.

      Mitch Archer Twitter

    • “It’s like Xbox/Playstation type gameplay in the palm of your hands. No awkward buttons on the screen that you can’t seem to keep your fingers on. This is the real deal! It feels nice and stable, not rickety like you might think”.


    • “I am pretty impressed with this device. I have a lot of high hopes for this”!

      Adam Najberg

    • “With this controller PhoneJoy Solutions intends to help the mobile gaming arena break from the usual slew of touch games and open it up to more complex titles”.

    • “The Phonejoy has offered a new better way to do retro gaming and all at the convenient access through your phone”.

      Sj Rivers Facebook

    • “When closed, Phonejoy Gamepad just looks like an average gaming controller, but the real magic starts when you pull apart its two halves and place your device between them”.

      Android Authority

    Phonejoy is hands down the best Bluetooth gamepad that I have used. It has great battery life, a premium feel to it that overshadows all others and is really comfortable to hold for extended gaming sessions

    Phonejoy’s new controller has a unique design that means it’ll fit your phone perfectly — no matter what phone you have

    Phonejoy is one of the best Android Bluetooth pads we’ve seen so far – it ‘s intelligently designed, comfortable to use, easy to set up and eminently portable

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    100% Guarantee

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    Every Phonejoy Gamepad 2 is thoroughly tested and examined before being shipped. Our technical experts are always ready to answer your questions in case you experience any problems with connecting your Phonejoy Gamepad. We also offer 1-year warranty on every Phonejoy Gamepad 2

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